We understand that when it comes to costly dental services, including orthodontic treatment, many patients need affordable and convenient options.  However, in any medical treatment, safety should also be a top priority. DIY orthodontics is not the answer when you need to safe a few dollars.

After many years of training, many dentists do not have the required experience to practice orthodontics.  As a patient why would you try to manage your own care at home?

Unfortunately, one of the newest trends in dental care is do-it-yourself orthodontics.  These mail order kits claim cost savings and convenience – but many patients don’t realize how dangerous this can be.  Without the proper x-rays and dental screenings along the way, you could be doing more harm to your smile than good.  Orthodontic care perpetuates gum disease, which has costly consequences.  Additionally, when moving teeth in your mouth it is important to carefully monitor the movement of your roots and other nearby tooth structures – something that cannot be safely done by untrained patients at home.

If you are ready to straighten your smile but need an affordable option – contact our office for help today.


New Patient Special:

$99 Exam, X-rays and Cleaning*
This is a saving of $310.00

(regular price $409.00)

The service includes the following:
• Required X-rays
• Comprehensive Exam
• Full mouth Cleaning

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